On the eve of the 2078 offensive over the New Osaka region, Ayumi Nagata, Herschel Flugzeugewerke's administrator and chief test pilot, attempts to garner an advantage to the badly outnumbered forces of the Lansing-Koto Alliance via a desperate gamble; by committing the prototype of the company's most advanced fighter in a diversionary raid over Port Karas, perhaps to sufficient effect as to divert enemy resources from Kuri's actual objective, and by extention rendering Commonwealth forces widely dispersed and susceptible to collapse under the weight of the forthcoming advance.

Diversion-A is an intense, vertically-scrolling Shoot'Em Up in pseudo-representations of the bullet-hell genre, with 4 intense levels packed to the brim with enemies, bosses, and power-ups.


Diversion-A is currently available.  Both the demo and full version can be obtained and/or purchased from itch.io.


* DirectX 9.0

* Windows XP/7/8


Full version will feature:                       

* 4 action-packed levels

* More enemies, bosses, and locales

* Storyboard-driven Epilogue Sequence

* Multiple credits for continuous play