Plop, Fizz, Boom!

Purge the ocean depths of all manner of submarine and sea monster in this cartoonish remake of the 1977 arcade classic, "Depthcharge".

In "Plop, Fizz, Boom!", the player assumes control of a trusty sailboat, armed with and easily-replenished supply of TNT, while attempting to wither the rigors of 16 increasingly challenging levels, each comprising its own assortment of wild and wacky adversaries of all shapes, sizes, and behaviors.




- two playable ship-types

- 16 progressively challenging levels

- 4 difficulty settings, ranging from easy to near-impossible

- numerous enemy types, each with unique characteristics and attack styles

- intense particle effects

- dynamic day/nighttime cycle, with corresponding shading features

System Requirements:

- Windows XP/7/8

- DirectX 9.0


Plop, Fizz, Boom!



Download Demo

Limitations of Demo Version:

- 1 selectable boat type

- only 4 levels

- only 5 enemy types

- load game options disabled