Take on vicious hordes of gigantic space-faring slugs in this PSX-themed retro throwback of a 3-D brawler, designed to envoke all the familiar elements and limitations of late-90's Playstation 1 games.

As 7 year-old Dora Ditze, you awaken alone in your bed after an overnight recupuration from the flu, only to find your neighborhood overrun with a nasty conglomerate of oversized carnivorous snails, hell-bent on making you dinner.

Heavily inspired by such PS1 classics as "Nightmare Creatures" and "Fighting Force", "SNAILS" faithfully recreates the frenetic action of old-school 3-D beat'em ups in all their pixelated, low-polygonal glory.



As a faithful adherent to the retro-throwback genre, this game offers a parodic, nostalgic romp through the bygone eras of crude 3-D action-oriented combat, featuring:

  • 7 levels worth of slug-infested mayhem
  • intense, melee-infused combat
  • "glorious" tank controls
  • ridiculously low resolution graphics(320x240)
  • characters and creatures with absurdly low polygon counts
  • horribly pixelated and unfiltered textures
  • obscenely low draw distances
  • no z-buffering
  • 8 minutes worth of cheesy pre-rendered cinematics, sporting crude objects, unrefined primitives and laughable production values.

Do you have what it takes to withstand the plague of evil monsters invading your neighborhood?  And, more importantly, do you have what it takes to relive the 90's all over again?